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For too long, District 11 and its residents have been left behind. District 11 deserves better.  Chyanne Chen is running for Supervisor to make sure our voice is heard at City Hall. Chyanne will fight for us and make sure District 11 receives its fair share of attention and resources.


As supervisor, Chyanne will work to:


  • Enhance our safety and boost crime prevention by increasing the presence of frontline emergency personnel, including police officers, and improving the efficiency of 911 response, especially in our merchant corridors and neighborhoods with high concentrations of children and the elderly.


  • Provide support and resources for all generations—from our children to our elderly. She will push to invest in early childhood educators and strengthening after-school programs, vocational training and interventions for at-risk youth. Chyanne will also work to support home care workers, ensuring they can live and work sustainably in San Francisco while delivering high-quality care to our elderly, adults and individuals with disabilities.


  • Revive and grow our small businesses through cross-cultural business events and the establishment of incubators tailored for immigrants, people of color and women. Reducing street crime and fostering a safer environment will also make our district more appealing for business development.


  • Ensure all residents have the opportunity to thrive by providing affordable, quality housing and stronger transportation options. Chyanne is committed to expediting housing approvals and eliminating redundant regulations to create more family- and senior-friendly affordable homes. She’ll make sure the city is investing in District 11 pedestrian and bicycle safety, parks and recreational facilities, safe and reliable public transportation and maintenance of clean, secure streets.


Chyanne’s vision for District 11 is comprehensive and community-centered and is grounded in the principles of inclusivity, sustainability, and quality of life enhancement for all residents.

How can D11 help the city hit its housing goals?

District 11 needs housing for low to moderate income families, so that we can keep teachers, nurses, firefighters and other essential workers in the city. 

Mid-rise buildings in commercial corridors will bring increased foot traffic to support our local businesses. 

Despite District 11’s high home-ownership rate and diversity, we face challenges with limited large development sites. 

My goal is to identify these opportunities, collaborate with landowners to address development barriers, streamline the review process, and ensure that our district remains affordable, welcoming and inclusive. 

What is your number one issue in this election?

My foremost goal is to improve the quality of life in our district, emphasizing safety, vibrancy, and inclusivity. 

My plan revolves around creating stable environments for our children and seniors, bolstering local businesses, and ensuring reliable public transit. I aim to bridge community divides through cross-racial solidarity and collaborative action.

Tackling pedestrian safety and advocating for improved public amenities like recreation centers, parks and libraries, are key priorities. 

As an immigrant mother with two decades of neighborhood involvement, I’m committed to uniting and empowering our community, leveraging my extensive organizing experience to build a safe and accessible neighborhood for all. 

What do you think of Prop. E?
Public safety is one of my top priorities but I had serious concerns that elements of Prop E would not make us safer.
In particular, I worry that weakening the car chase policy could lead to more accidents, and more fatal accidents. 41 percent of cases initiated between 2018 and 2021 resulted in collisions and a number of those caused injuries to innocent bystanders. The SFPD has also stated that we did not need to change our car chase policy.
While I’m open to measures to reduce paperwork, all in all, the possibility of serious accidents and injuries in the name of changing a policy SFPD said was working moved me to vote No on E.
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