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Candidate, San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 11

My name is Chyanne Chen and I have been a District 11 resident for 24 years. I am an immigrant mother of two daughters, and caretaker of elderly parents. For over twenty years, I have been deeply committed to our community, advocating for cross racial solidarity, and immigrant and workers' rights, a passion born from my own journey as an immigrant from a small village in China striving for a better life in San Francisco. 

The challenges we face today are not just headlines; they're deeply personal. My daughter faced hate violence close to home on Ocean Avenue; my aunt was robbed on the #8 bus line; and within just one block of my home, my neighbors have been victims of home robberies. These incidents aren't isolated—they're a stark reminder of the urgency to address our community's safety and well-being. District 11 is one of the most diverse districts in San Francisco and a vibrant hub of multi-generational immigrant families. We need a leader who not only understands these challenges, but has been fighting to address them.

Through my work as a labor union organizer at United Healthcare Workers, I learned that by bringing people together, we can empower them to stand up and win what they deserve. As a community organizer in San Francisco Chinatown, through facilitating workshops with Chinese immigrants and bringing together people from different communities, I learned that education and building mutual understanding is what will bring cross racial solidarity, healing and true safety for our communities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I organized a neighborhood group for mutual aid, community building activities, language access to resources, and advocacy for our neighborhood. While working at a Chinatown souvenir shop, I learned firsthand the critical importance of supporting small businesses. This has fueled my unwavering support for not only Chinatown's small businesses but for all local businesses that are the heart of our district.

As a first-generation immigrant who arrived in San Francisco at age 15, I understand the struggles of accessing services in language, affordable housing, equitable healthy care, quality education, good jobs and reliable public transit.  I have worked tirelessly to uplift our communities, our working families, and our small businesses, to show what we can accomplish a lot by unifying people.  I am committed to amplifying our voices in City Hall, to ensuring every resident is heard, respected, and supported. I envision a District 11 where our children have joyful futures; where families, seniors, and even our pets live in safety and harmony.

This November 5th, I am asking for your vote—not just for me, but for our shared vision of a District 11 that reflects our hope, our resilience, and our unwavering belief in a future that is safer, more inclusive, and prosperous for all.

Chyanne Chen
San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 11

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